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CORPORATE brings to you utmost convenience in getting your corporate requirements accomplished, without any charge. All you have to do is register your company as a Corporate Member and we will take care of all your requirements. Get eligible for special offers and great corporate deals. Your delegates or clients would be taken care of with utmost care and they would experience sheer comfort. As soon as you become a corporate member, there would be a Client Coordinator assigned, who would be ready to help you, arrange any event and would ensure you and your guests have a delightful stay.

Here is an introduction to our services:

Corporate Membership: Hurry!!! Become a member today with and get an exclusive Client Coordinator assigned to handle your corporate account with us. Get the rooms booked at attractive rates. Planning your next corporate event? As a member, all your requirements would be taken care of by us. From looking for a venue to accomplishing a hassle free event, we would do it all.

Corporate Hotel Booking Service: From booking hotel rooms for you or your delegates to booking a conference room, we can get it all done for you. Just register your company for free on our website and get all your corporate bookings done by us. We would get you the best deals and look out for attractive offers for our corporate clients

Client Coordinator: How about getting an exclusive coordinator assigned to your business? We would ensure every minute detail is taken care off, whether it’s for booking rooms or getting an event arranged for your business. Once you are registered as a corporate member, a Client Coordinator would be assigned to your business who would coordinate all your room bookings and take care of your corporate requirements

Conference & Events: We help you; look for a suitable venue and execute a successful event, while you give undivided attention to your guests. All you have to do is contact your client coordinator and give your requirements. You can leave the rest on us. Now have a hassle free event with

Corporate Membership

Register your company as a member with, which is free and easy to use. Save your business time and money while we take care of your corporate requisites.

  • Easy to use membership form
  • Free
  • Eligible for special packages and discounts
  • Get an exclusive client coordinator assigned
  • Get assistance to arrange events
Corporate Hotel Booking Service

Ensure confirmed bookings with Get attractive offers and special deals as a corporate member. We ensure we find the right accommodation for you and get you a perfect venue for your event. We can satisfy your entire corporate hotel requirement without any charge.

  • This service is convenient and customized. Now leave it to us while we look for a suitable accommodation within your budget
  • No service charge
  • Choose from up to 7000 hotels across United Kingdom
  • Get 100% secure bookings through Secure Hotel Bookings
  • Convenient cancelation procedure
  • Get end to end services, like airport transfers, finding the right accommodation, arranging transport, etc.
Corporate Service

With convenient registration procedure to become a corporate member with, get eligible for fantastic deals and special offers. We offer an easy process to become a corporate member. It is very easy and would take just few minutes. Go to our Corporate section and register your company. Here are the highlights of this service:

  • A Client Coordinator would be assigned to fulfill your business requirements
  • Get special offers and best deals for booking hotels through us
  • Get your employees great deals on arranging their travel itinerary
  • Get corporate events arranged without any hassle
Client Coordinator

Get a dedicated team of professionals who would help you find the most suitable accommodation. This service is free of charge, what else could you ask for?

  • This service helps you save time while our experts look for the most suitable accommodation for you and your delegates
  • The specialists choose from 7000 properties across UK
  • These professionals help you get the best deal
  • Free service
  • They help you arrange a corporate event according to your requirements
Conference & Events

Now sit back and relax while we arrange the perfect event for you. Just give us your requirements and our team of experts would get you something, you would never be able to forget. As a corporate member you can contact your Client Coordinator and give your requirements, who would help you arrange a perfect corporate event.

  • Get large events like conferences, seminars, product launches and more arranged with no hassle
  • We help you find the perfect venue
  • The service is convenient and time saving
  • Get your event customized according to your budget and requirements
  • Get special offers and delegate packages at no extra cost
  • This service is free