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Birmingham Nightlife

Birmingham Nightlife
As the sun sets the second winds is received by the city. Birmingham brags some of the best nightlife in the United Kingdom. This is due to the bustling and closely knit bars and restaurants and the party goers who are mainly college students. The fans of indie music would surely love the live music at various venues in the city. Another factor which entices the party animals to this destination is the easy availability of taxies which makes getting around in Birmingham easier. You can have a great time enjoying the nightlife in Birmingham while exploring some of the great night out options:

Night Clubs
The youthful population of Birmingham has made sure to make the nightclubs thrive in the city. All the night clubs in the city rock with DJ-fueled fun and exuberance. Perhaps anyone would go crazy irrespective of the vibe. If you are looking for an affluent range of nightclubs, Mechu may be what you want and the latest venue called Gatecrasher Birmingham is sure to offer you a hard party. 

Live Bands
Nothing is better than tapping your feet with the stunning live bands at the stroke of the midnight hour. Birmingham is oozing with live music and gigs all over the city. Home grown talented bands like Editors are leading a new wave. An ideal mix of venues is something that the city possesses distinctively. So, check out what is stored in for you by the range of heart-throbbing live artists. 

Birmingham is well known for offering some of the best theatres in the UK. The famous Birmingham Hippodrome where the maximum seats are sold in comparison to any other British Theatre. Visiting The Alexandra is another exciting opportunity to watch drama, concerts, musicals or comedy. 

The funny bone of your body is sure to tickle with the various comedy options that Birmingham possesses. Highlight’s, the biggest comedy club till date, is a part of an all over amusement bonanza. You can even dance the night away if the acts are over at Risa’s six bars and dancing areas. 
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