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Birmingham Attractions

Birmingham Attractions
Birmingham is a vibrant city of England brimming with cultural richness along with various pleasures and comforts. Its cultural richness has given it a magnanimous size in the world of tourism, bringing it a torrent of visitors every year. Its attractions are world class fascinations, which will have you bound for a long and pleasurable period of your life. You can visit its age old attractions like the Back to Backs, Aston Hall, Museum of Jewelry Quarter, Birmingham Botanical Gardens, Birmingham Museum and Gallery. It also has some tempting places like the Cadbury World, Ghosts and Graveyard Walks and Shakespeare’s House which titillate your excitement to the maximum. You can also enter the spool of knowledge at its various exhibitions and artistic centers.

Museum of Jewelry Quarter 
Museum of Jewelry Quarter is an old Birmingham attraction, which records the story of Smith & Pepper Jewelry House. This famous family lived here and made jewelry for a long time, till they walked out leaving all their tools and mechanism behind. It has a collection of everything they left behind. You will find their unwashed cup left behind their tools. Your entry will be free of any cost, and can be visited at any day of the year except Christmas. 

Back to Backs 
Birmingham has a lot of attractions that can be traced back to its historical facts. Back to Backs is among such attractions which are there since the industrial revolution. It is a collection of the houses which were inhabited by the poor people who survived in a depreciating condition while the industrialists were making oodles of money. These houses were meant to accommodate many people and proper spacing was ignored. Visit it to peep in the history of this city. 

Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery 
Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery has a collection of artistic excellence from Pre-Raphaelite to the Impressionistic era. You will conglomeration of diverse things like the jewelry and metal work. You will get a collection of art from the past to the very contemporary art forms. 

Birmingham Botanical Gardens 
It is a store house of some rare plants that can not be found generally. You will find some of the finest plants to be found today. You will find these plants divided into the categories which are richly available in there. It has something pleasurable for everyone from the children to the adults. Visit it to find yourself in a rare bewitching charm of nature. 

Cadbury World 
Cadbury World is really going to humble you down on your knees, as this is the paradise of the chocolate flavor. The great Cadbury chocolates that dominate the hearts of all the chocolate lovers across the globe came from here. It’s a chocolate empire to enter in, where you can devour the chocolates at factory price. With more than 500,000 people every year visiting this attraction, you will be caught in its spell. 

Shakespeare Houses
Shakespeare Houses will be a matter of great fascination for the people interested in literature. It is the birth place of the famous playwright Shakespeare, which has been preserved to be translated into an attraction. A must visit in the lists of travelers, it has some pious memories of Shakespeare’s life stored in there. 

West Midlands Safari and Leisure Park 
It is a great recreational place to be at. While getting a chance to drive through the wild life safari, you will get the opportunity to sway on the rides of its leisure park. It is a beatific place, which will take your whole day to leisure. 

Warwick Castle
Warwick Castle is the medieval creation in Birmingham city. You will get some precious preserves of that bygone era over here from the amours to the furniture and other vestiges. This historical castle is a matter of great appreciation among the visitors. Over here you will get a real touch of the cultural and traditionally rich past. 

You can visit all these fabulous Birmingham attractions while you are out on a trip to this place. These attractions will keep you engaged through your trip. 
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