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Bath Travel Tips

Bath Travel Tips
Bath has now become an international tourist destination and people really want to explore this city which was developed by Romans. This historic city boasts of its Roman period baths, stately Georgian architecture and hot springs. The city is set within the Somerset countryside featuring a diverse range of local attractions, sightseeing, shopping and last but not the least accommodation. This is the oldest principal tourist destination in England and has welcoming visitors since years now. This time if you are also planning to visit this Roman city here are few travel tips which will make your holiday a memorable experience.
Packing List for Bath:
•    Camera - The city features beautiful attractions and local sightseeing and if you are on a holiday then there is nothing like it if you carry your camera so that you can capture all those beautiful moments that you have spend with your family at this ultimate travel destination. 
•    Comfy Shoes – These are really comfortable while walking as there is plenty of countryside and river walks
•    Weather- City’s weather is variable, so its better to keep an umbrella 
•    Casual clothing is a must to be carried in Bath 
•    Plenty of memory cards, films and batteries are to be packed along, as the city has many interesting sights and buildings

Safety Tips:
•    The city is just an amazing place to wander and it seems confusing to a newcomer and it does have a confusing traffic system too 
•    The pedestrianised streets almost mingle with each other randomly with vehicular throughfares
•    You need to be really carefully especially while crossing the roads as the city has a weird one way system with which you will not be able to tell as from which direction the traffic will be coming 
•    For those who want to drive in the city, please don’t as a limited car parking space is available and is expensive too
•    Park & Ride system available on the outskirts

Shopping Guidelines:
Shopping is a must for every traveler especially for those who are on a holiday. Here are some specific shopping tips that can be followed.
•    Explore stuff at Paxton and Whitfield which are small, but prominent cheesemongers 
•    For shopping in Bath, quality is a must watch

Things to Do:
The city offers several things to do and being on a holiday you must explore each and every bit of the place. 
•    Roman Baths are a must watch in the city for which the city is famous for
•    Royal Crescent is a residential road of 30 houses
•    Bath Abbey is an  Abbey Church of Saint Peter and Saint Paul
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