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Bath Tours and Sightseeing

Bath Tours and Sightseeing Bath as one of the Roman discoveries and Georgian province, is historically rich, and now it is being further developed as a tourist’s destination. It embraces several natural beauties from theRoman Baths to the Georgian Gardens and seaside view, which can sooth any traveler whether on leisure or a business trip. You would be delighted to explore the stunning architecture while on your trip to Bath. Since it is a very compact city, it would never be a problem to move around and have good tours. History has given it a lot of sightseeing, like: 

Historical Beauties
Historicism of Bath is evident from its ages old monuments and preserves. From the pages of literature to the history, you will find its reference everywhere. There are many things to be explored by you. You can start your tour from Stonehenge, travelling up to the Bath Abbey Tower.
•    Stonehenge : Stonehenge is a prehistoric structure. Found to be older than the civilization itself. You can hire a Ferrari or take you to this world heritage sight. It is erected from the mounds, mud, clays and the earthworks in a circular design. The mystery of its use still remains blurred under the covers of history. It is still disputed whether it was a calendar of some superior understanding or a belief of sun worshippers, who constructed it. You can find out the secret behind, by yourself trailing the place. 
•    Royal Crescent : Royal Crescent is the world famous architecture of Georgian construction. You can travel here to sail in the regal past, and click a few photos at this spot, facing the famous Royal Victoria Park. You can spend a day over here, picnicking and regaling in the serenity of this place. 
•     Bath Abbey :Bath Abbey is a fifteenth century church, built carved walls. This place offers a brilliant and world loved historic sight. You can also view the famous Bath Abbey Tower, while you are here. 
•     Longleat :Longleat Safari Park can hold you for long, with its amazing old constructions and mazes. Here you will be able to visit the biggest maze of England, twinning and confusing the visitors. 
•     Roman Baths :Roman Baths is an old attraction of Bath city, discovered by the Romans about 2000 years back. Since then it has been serving as a means of great fascination for the travelers visiting this city. It was a centre where all the people from Bath came together bathed. Its hot water and spring are its exclusive features which attracts visitors from distant lands. 

Exciting Tours
Touring Bath city can bring you many amazing options. While some people travel through this city on the buses, boarding a Double Decker Bus, which brings a spectacular view of the city during the day as well as night or through bicycles, taking you to popular zones and spaces of Bath. So set your tour with these options:
•     Bus Tours :You can also board a Double Decker bus, which will take you around the city, giving you a bird view of the entire city. You can view this city from above of the city. it is a fun ride on the top of the bus, giving a seemly view of this small city. 
•    Bath Balloon :Bath Balloon will take you in the sky, at a soaring length. From that height you will be able to view the city of Bath spread across a beautiful landscape. You will hang above in the sky, with its thread tied to the bottom.
•     Walking Tours :Bath city is a small city with its Georgian streets and constructions beautifying the city. You can cover many travel destinations of Bath on foot. You can travel to the preserves of Jane Austen’s existence in this city. Walk through the house inhabited by her in past and her frequent freak outs in the nearby areas. Ghosts Walk Tour is also traveled on foot, amidst its Roman Streets and age old constructions. Apart from his, Bath organizes walking tours for the visitors. You can join in one of these walking tours while you are here. 
•     The Cruise Tour :Bath is situated besides the river, and many people whether travelling here for the first time or are a resident of this place, cruise on the waters of this water during their holidays. You can sail on the Avon River and enjoy the serenity on its waters. You will get some most tempting offer with different kinds of river boats. 
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