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Bath Attractions

Bath Attractions

The fabulous city of Bath, with its Georgian architecture and remarkable attractions, features as one of the most coveted tourist destination of the world. Its attraction springs from the nature bestowed features and man erected architecture. All of its charms are fraught with historic richness, beckoning the visitors from distant lands. Its traditional grandeur gives it a cutting edge over many other fascinations. Whether you are here for business reasons or chilling out with family, find out what all is there to be explored and select what is best for you to be here.  

Roman Baths: 
Roman Baths is a traditional water spa of this place. Culturally, residents gathered over here to take a bath in its water, on the days of celebration. A hot water spring bursting from under ground rises up to 460°C since ancient times. It also has a cultural spa bath, oozing from the hot water of the spring. It is believed to have a healing effect. The Roman shrines were built by the Celtic people, in reverence of the Sulis Goddess. Its structure is amazing with an interior adorned with Hippocamp Mosaic architecture on its walls. You can commute here by boarding a tube to the Bath Spa Railway Station. 

Georgian Garden: 
Georgian Gardens have a serenity, which will keep you enchanted for some time. It has motley of several flowers and plants, exuberantly unique and mystified by their rarity. You can walk in the pavements of this garden, and watch the flower beds, occupying the land. It existence can be traced back to the 18th century. Since then, a lot of changes have been made, with numerous new plant life being introduced. You will love the nature’s benevolence in this part of London. You can visit it on day and any season of the year, as it is open on all days. You can travel here through Bath Sap Railway Station, which will leave you 0.16 km distance to cover

Bath Postal Museum: 
Bath Postal Museum exhibits the history of the postal means of communication. It displays a lot of vestiges like the quills, old stamps, boxes coaches and postcards. You will love this museum ad the historical relics stored in its mansion. It also tales the story of an uprising related to some of the famous personalities like John Palmer’s Ralph Allen’s and other such like. Spend a good time over here to enjoy the achievement of this city. Its structure is an old construction, which toady stands as a grade II listed building.

Bath Assembly Rooms: 
Bath Assembly Rooms are an 18th century construction, built in full elegance of that era. These are the set of elegant rooms, built in full elegance of that era. You will enjoy. It is adorned with scintillating crystal glass chandeliers. Its main room can space up 500 people in one time. Previously it was used for “soirees” during the evenings, and these days, they are also given on rent for some big events and functions and private parties. Apart from the events, you will be charmed by its richly designed interiors, and its grandeur that it flaunts. It is a must watch during your sojourn in Bath. 

Victorian Art Gallery: 
Victorian Art Gallery is a Victorian construction, standing firm since the 1897. It was constructed to honor the 60 years of Queen Victoria’s coronation. Here you will get to appreciate every genre of art from sculpture to the painting, devolving from Impressionistic age to the contemporary era. These collections 1500 paintings include the rare pieces of art, produced by Gainsborough, Thomas Jones Barker and Walker Sickert who were the masters of their art. Your entry to this museum will be a free privilege. 

Pump Room: 
Pump Room is on the adjacent right of the Roman Baths and the Bath Abbey. It is a big space, with two fire place at its sides. The Pump Room is used to pump out the hot water off the spring. It is located at the heart of this city, and functional as the basic part of the Roman Baths. For long it remained divested of any form of furniture, to exhibit the grandeur of this room. It is an old attraction, reflecting the rich and deep cultural richness of Bath.
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